Our Monthly Scheme – Sworno Ropon

Our monthly scheme is a special endeavour to encourage our customers to invest in gold.The Scheme enables customers to save by installments and invest the accrued amount to buy jewellery from our Showroom. A customer has to deposit a specific amount of money, by the 10th of every month, for 11 months .At the end of the 12th month they can purchase gold or diamond jewellery( 22ct/18ct/14ct) and get the 12th month installment as a discount . For e.g. if You pay Rs 2000 for 11 months, you save up Rs 22000. To that, a discount of Rs 2000( your initial deposit) is given on your final purchase of jewellery . Hence the effective eligible amount is 22000/-+ 2000/-( discount)= Rs 24000/-.

Persons willing to join the scheme will be required to fill up a prescribed form and will give one address proof. We accept cash as well as post dated cheques for our monthly schemes.

For further Information on our scheme, visit our FAQ section .

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