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Diamond Nose Pin: Where Style Meets Sparkle 

It is beyond surprising how a small thing like a nose pin can bring a huge difference to your face. While a nose pin itself echoes style and elegance, adding a diamond to it enhances its celestial gleam. Risen from the norms and cultures of Asia, a diamond nose pin has been the heart of many women’s ethnic ensembles. Accessorise yourself with a classic nose pin and let the twinkle do the talking.

Versatile Diamond Nose Pin Design at Rupashree Jewellers

In ancient India, nose pins were the emblem of social reputation, religious beliefs, and marital status. Nose pins have also been an essential element in bridal attire. Since 1919, Rupashree Jewellers has been a junction where innovation meets elegance. We have an extensive selection of diamond nose pins under ₹5000 and more than that. Here are some of our popular picks:

  • Solitaire Diamond Nose Pin: 

A single diamond nose pin is truly a treasure of time. Crowned for its ceaseless spark, a solitaire nose pin adds a subtle flair of drama to your chic outlook. Apart from being a popular choice for personal use, this diamond nose pin is also an enigmatic gifting option at engagement and wedding ceremonies. Embellished in 18k gold, the price range of solitaire nose pins at Rupashree Jewellers starts at ₹3,420. 

  • Cluster Diamond Nose Pin: 

Cluster nose pins are slowly taking over the fashion world with their unfading shine. Here, a cluster of diamonds has been placed on 18k of gold in different shapes and sizes including blossom, floral, star, and more. A beautiful cluster diamond nose pin imparts a charismatic magnificence to your fashion while adding an impeccable glow to your face. At Rupashree Jewellers, the starting price of cluster diamond nose pins is ₹4,089.

Select Your Perfect Nose Pin Considering Your Face Shape 

Face shapes play a vital role in nose pin selection. Following are some protips to settle for the best: 

  • Round face: Angular diamond nose pins add depth to the face making it look elongated.
  • Square face: Go for round nose pins to soften the corners of your face. 
  • Diamond face: Experimental shapes like teardrops and studs look classic on diamond faces.
  • Oval face: Luckiest of all, oval faces perfectly suit every type of nose pin. 
  • Heart-shaped face: Pick small studs, and delicate designs to mitigate the edges of your face.

Things to Keep in Mind 

Consider these two following aspects to shimmer with your diamond nose pin like never before: 

  • Tone with the occasion

You must match your nose pin precisely with the occasion for a bold and sophisticated style statement. While a small stud or a single diamond nose pin is ideal for daily use, a nose pin with artistic intricacies excellently suits special occasions and festivities.

  • Perfectly place your nose pin

Women in Northern India prefer to wear a nose pin on the left nostril and Southern Indian women like it on the right. However, there is no strict rule about it. Choose your nose-piercing side prioritising your comfort and styling.

Why Choose Us? 

Selecting Rupashree Jewellers for all your jewellery demands is undoubtedly the best decision of all! Here’s why: 

  • A comprehensive collection of trend-setting designs 
  • Easy lifetime exchange of your old jewellery 
  • Each item is hallmarked 
  • Optimum authentication with RJ seal 
  • Free shipping in Kolkata 
  • All products undergo a strict inspection 

At Rupashree Jewellers, you can find a diamond nose pin for every occasion and festivity. Wearing a nose pin is a charming way to enhance your facial features. Celebrate your individuality and get a nose pin complimenting your face shape to radiate elegance and allure wherever you go. Since this comprehensive guide upskills you all about our diamond nose pin design and collection, explore our world of nose pins and shop your heart out.  


  • What is the gold purity of diamond nose pins at Rupashree Jewellers? 

The gold purity of diamond nose pins at Rupashree Jewellers is 18kt. 

  • How to clean your diamond nose pin? 

Simply soak your nose pin in some detergent water for a few minutes and then scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush to keep it as pristine as new.