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Gold Chains: Discover Luxury in Every Link 

A gold chain sitting on your neck is always a unique piece of adornment, adding to your charm and personality. No matter what the occasion is, a gold chain is always a reminder of class and elegance. At Rupashree Jewellers, we have taken time and effort to plan new and unique designs and crafted an exquisite selection of gold chains.

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Our Gleaming Artistry for Gold Chain Designs 

Our craftsmen believe in making magic with jewellery pieces, using both machines and hands. This adds the much-needed variation, so that there is a piece for everyone and within different price ranges. Here is a list of our machine-made gold chains:

  • Komol Chain

Komol or Kamal chains are thick gold chains, fit for fancy parties or traditional festivals. They have intricate work of gold done on them, helping them stand out even without a locket. The range starts from 3.5gm for ₹23,500.

  • Rajkot Chain

This range has chains that are relatively thinner than komol chains, but these have heavier work and designs. You will find tiny beads of gold and other gemstones decorating various parts of the chain, making it unique and exquisite. This range starts from 10gm, at ₹67,200.

  • Dori Chain

The term “dori” means string in Hindi. This range therefore includes thin gold chains for women, fit for daily wear or simple celebrations. It starts from 3gm, available at a starting price of ₹20,500.

  • Plain Chain

Again, these are simplistic designs, without much heavy work done on them. Such chains are for daily wear, and you can also use them with any kind of locket. At Rupashree Jewellers, such chains start from only ₹20,500.

  • Coimbatore Chain

This range includes slim gold chains, although these are much heavier than Dori chains. They include intricate works of gold with tiny bits of gemstones and designs on various parts of the chain. At a starting price of ₹80,000, these contain about 12gm of gold. 

  • Mof Chain

If you want a chain that does not even require a locket, a mof chain is the way to go! These are thick and heavy chains, self-sufficient to outshine any attire. Get this collection starting from 40gm at ₹268,000.

That was all about the machine-made collection. Here is a glimpse of the completely hand-made products:

  • English Chains

These are simple yet elegantly shaped chains for women, mostly suitable for modern attire or for attending parties. These start from 7gm for a starting price of ₹47,000. 

  • Got Chain

These simplistic chains are suitable for any sex, and you rock them both with and without lockets. Weighing about 8gm, these chains have a starting price of ₹53,000.

  • Biche Chain

Biche is the Bengali term for a scorpion. This chain will give you an impression of the tail of a scorpion, with detailed gold work done in a perfect loop. The range starts at ₹100,800, carrying approximately 15gm of gold. 

  • Ball Chain

As the name suggests, these chains are made of small balls or beads of gold. They are much lighter compared to the other types of hand-made chains, but the alluring appearance makes them stand out. This range starts at ₹40,000 for 6gm. 

  • Hale Chain

These products include hand-carved chain links, usually short but thick in size. This kind of chain can be unique, as there is not one specific shape or format followed throughout the chain. Rather, various shapes are used. This range starts from ₹100,800 for 15gm. 

Adornments for All Occasions 

One of the biggest specialities of Rupashree Jewellers is its attention to detail. We realise how there are multiple occasions and festivals across India, and the choice of jewellery is likely to change accordingly. Hence, we have maintained diversity in our designs so that there is a piece for every occasion!

  • Daily & Casual Wear: You can wear our chains daily without any fear of skin reactions or allergies.
  • Office Wear: Some of our simple designs are great for wearing in formal and corporate spaces.
  • Festivals & Weddings: We have a range of heavy and gorgeous chains that are fit for traditional occasions. 
  • Parties: Some of our trendy designs will be great for small parties and gatherings. 

That was a guide to the collection of 22K gold chains for women at Rupashree Jewellers. Here, you will find adornments for all occasions and various budgets. Explore our designs and find your treasure today!


  • What kind of chains will be suitable for daily wear?

You can go for the selection of dori chains or plain chains. These are simple and lightweight chains, effective for daily wear.

  • What is the minimum weight of gold chains?

At Rupashree Jewellers, you will find gold chains starting from only 3gm, rising to 40gm.