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Gold Bangles for Women: Explore the Timeless Elegance 

A true expression of timeless beauty and culture, gold bangles are always the safest option for any festival or special occasion. Bangles, known as “churi” in Bengali, are the best adornments to decorate their pretty wrists. Explore an enchanting collection of gold bangles for women at Rupashree Jewellers and store your favourites!

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Rupashree Jewellers: The Ultimate Destination for Gold Bangles 

Any event or occasion, especially a traditional one, becomes magical with the touch of jewellery and ornaments. When ladies use bangles to adorn their wrists and arms, they add a mystical touch to their traditional attire. We at Rupashree Jewellers have tried to maintain a unique range of products with our exceptional craftsmanship. 

Check out the latest gold bangle designs here: 

  • High Polish Churi

These bangles are polished with bright yellow gold and are much lighter compared to bangles that are fully made of gold. If you are looking for light bangles within a tight budget, high polish churi will surely be your choice. This range starts from about 12gm with a starting price of ₹80,708. 

  • Mine Churi

Mine or meenakari churi includes a range of enamelled jewellery. Various metals are used for enamelling, the most common ones being gold and silver. This range is a serious contrast to the regular yellow jewellery pieces you get in the collection of gold bangles. They are colourful and exquisite, starting from 12gm at ₹80,708.

  • Baki Churi

These are uniquely designed bangles, with slightly crooked outlines. While they have a circular shape like regular bangles, their designs look like waves or ripples. Some of these are thin with such an outline, while the thicker ones have waves embalmed on the gold. Either way, this product is a true gold treasure. At Rupashree Jewellers, the range starts from ₹80,708.

  • Socket Churi

Bored of wearing plain and simple gold bangles? We introduce to you our range of socket churi. This range has bangles with intricate gold designs done on the exterior part, ensuring that these stand out in any kind of attire. You can choose from a range of simple to detailed designs on these bangles. The range starts from 10gm with a starting price of ₹67,264.

  • Motor Churi

This range consists of heavy gold bangles fit to be worn during weddings or traditional festivals. Numerous tiny beads made of gold adorn this type of bangle, decorated on a shank of gold. There are various designs in this range as well, from light and simple to heavy and gorgeous. Get this product today from Rupashree Jewellers starting at just ₹100,800. 

  • Bauti Churi

Preparing for a wedding or the famous Durga Puja? A bauti bangle can never go wrong. These are exquisite hand-wears, crafted with gold, with elegant designs throughout the length of the bangle. These are usually thicker than other types of gold bangles, covering a large part of your wrist. Check out this range starting from 15gm at ₹100,800. 

  • Jhiri Churi

If you prefer thin and simple gold bangles, the range of jhiri churi will surely impress you. These are thin gold bangles in unique and classy designs, and you can wear a number of them to cover your wrists. They are much lighter and simpler, fit for smaller occasions and celebrations. A single piece of these bangles is about 8gm, starting at ₹54,000.

  • Beloary Churi

This range is again dedicated to those who prefer lightweight thin bangles decorating their wrists. You can wear a number of them on one hand, and they will make a sweet sound whenever you have to move your hands. A single piece of beloary bangles starts from 14gm, with a starting price of ₹94,151.

Find Your Fit for Every Occasion & Adorn Your Wrists 

Different occasions call for different kinds of jewellery and adornments. We realise that, and have included such diversity within our crafts. When choosing gold bangles from our collection, you will find perfect fits for almost every occasion!

  • Daily wear: Looking for lightweight daily wear gold bangles? Explore our designs of jhiri and beloary churi to find thin and simple designs that will go with your everyday attire. 
  • Festivals: The majority of our gold bangle collection includes heavy products with intricate designs, fit for a traditional festival. 
  • Weddings: Our collection has some exquisite pieces that will be a treat for the eyes in bridal attire. You will find heavy traditional bangles with detailed work, fit to adorn your special day!
  • Party wear: Our collection is not just for traditional purposes. You can find some trendy lightweight pieces, perfect to adorn any modern outfit. 

That was all about our collection of gold bangles for women. At Rupashree Jewellers, we always prioritise our customers and their choices. You will find perfect adornments for your wrists for a variety of occasions at various prices. 

So, why wait? Check out the collection and store your favourites today!


  • Which is the most lightweight type of gold bangle?

Jhiri churi collection at Rupashree Jewellers is the most lightweight, starting from only 8gm. 

  • What is the starting price of a gold bangle?

At Rupashree Jewellers, you can find gold bangles with a starting price of just ₹14,000.