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Gold Shankha: Elegance in Every Spiral 

Shankha, a white-coloured bangle, is an integral part of a Bengali marriage. Coupled with pola bangles, which are dark red, it decorates the wrists of Bengali married women, representing the sacred bond of marriage. Folklore says fishermen used conch shells and corals from the sea to make shankha bangles, as they could not afford expensive jewellery. 

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Glistening Coral Bangles: An Alluring Gold Shankha Collection 

Shankha, along with pola, is an absolute compulsory adornment for a bride in the Bengali culture. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the following designs of gold shankha bangles at various prices:

  • Mach Shankha (Fish)

“Mach” is a Bengali term for fish, which is a major part of the Bengali culture. As the name suggests, this kind of shankha bangles have a design of fish on the surface, made of glistening yellow gold. Get a pair of Mach Shankha for ₹137,482, weighing about 20 grams. 

  • Peacock Shankha

This kind of gold sankha design has a unique design of a peacock throughout the surface of the white bangle, made with dazzling gold. A pair of such bangles is available for ₹62,133, starting from about 9 grams. 

  • Pater Shankha

If you are looking for a simple and lightweight Bengali sankha bangle, the pater shankha range will be perfect for you. These start from only 3 grams, with minimalistic gold designs. You can get a pair at a starting price of ₹21,400.

  • Mine Shankha

This range is fit for those who like to wear more colourful shankha bangles. The meenakari work adds various colours to the bangles besides the yellow colour from the gold design. It starts from 6 grams at ₹42,000.

  • Motor Shankha

These are unique shankha bangles made of small beads or balls of conch shells, adding to a mystique appearance. These can be a real contrast to the pola bangles alongside them. A pair of these weighs 7 grams, for a starting price of ₹49,000.

  • Pachano Shankha

This range comprises bangles with an alluring design that gives away a spiral appearance. The hint of yellow gold always glistens on the surface throughout the bangle. A pair contains 6 grams of gold for ₹42,000.

  • Mukh Shankha

This range comprises an enchanting design of gold shankha bangles for women. “Mukh” is a Bengali term for mouth. These bangles have a well-defined mouth, which is distinguished by an exquisite design of yellow gold. You can get a pair for about ₹168,500, starting from 25 grams. 

Hopefully, that gives you a clearer view of the gold shankha collection at Rupashree Jewellers. If you or people related to you are getting married, do not hesitate to explore our collection and embrace the Bengali culture with these. Get the best prices and order online now!


  • What is the starting price of gold shankha bangles?

You can get a pair of gold shankha bangles for just ₹21,000 at Rupashree Jewellers, weighing about 3 grams. 

  • Which is the most lightweight shankha bangle?

Pater Sankha is the most lightweight one, only 3 grams. You can also go for Mine Sankha or Pachano Sankha, which weigh about 6 grams per pair.