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Diamond Locket: The Perfect Symbol of Love And Luxury 

A diamond locket is the ultimate enhancer of elegance. Wearing it in your daily life or on special occasions lets you witness heads turn to behold your grace. Not only does a locket add a celestial glow to your neckline, but by blending with any outfit, it also takes your gorgeousness to new heights. 

Divine Diamond Lockets for Stunners Like You  

Housing an extensive collection of diamond lockets, Rupashree Jewellers takes pride to be a part of your journey to excellence. 

Gini Diamond Locket  

Gini, the Bengali term for ‘coin’, has always been a traditional choice for lockets. Ornating a gini with diamonds significantly enhances its beauty. This unique combination of gold and diamond looks enthralling due to their prominent presence. Blending with any attire and style, our Gini diamond locket can surely improve your everyday look. At Rupashree Jewellers, the price of Gini lockets is as low as ₹27,000 for 4 grams.

God Diamond Locket  

Style yourself with our sacred lockets to cherish the strength and spirituality that lies in you. Depiction of Durga maa, Lord Ganesha, and other spiritual entities crafted in gold is a heavenly piece of wearable art. The deity’s every detail is flawlessly brought to life with shimmering diamonds. Decking up your neckline with it exudes a powerful sense of divinity. The minimum weight of our God diamond locket is 0.86 grams. 

Alphabet Diamond Locket  

Alphabetical diamond lockets carry an individualistic vibe. This locket comprises precisely rimmed diamonds arranged in the shape of a particular alphabet on 18k of gold. Its gleaming shine lets you make a bold statement with every step. Celebrate confidence and style by illuminating your neckline with this radiant piece. We have an awe-inspiring assortment of Alphabet diamond lockets weighing from 1 gram and more. 

Types of Diamond Shapes for Lockets with Styling Notes 

The shape of the gemstone plays a vital role in diamond locket design to enhance your style statement. The following guide will help you to pick the best as per your fashionable appearance: 


Diamond CutsStyling Ideas
RoundCosmopolitan and sophisticated
CushionElegant and romantic
EmeraldVintage and retro
OvalUnique and distinctive
PearTraditional and chic
MarquiseHighly eye-catching
AsscherClassic and relatively simple

Why Choose Us? 

Since 1919, we have been delivering nothing but the best. How? Here’s a detail:  

  • Zero shipping charges for delivery within Kolkata. 
  • Deep quality checks on every item. 
  • Hallmark and RJ seal on all products for certification

When you wear a diamond that reflects your unique qualities, you feel empowered. After all, these qualities let you and your diamonds shine brighter. Compliment your distinctive, radiant, and stunning personality with something pricelessly precious, our diamond locket. Denoting purity and constancy, diamond lockets are timeless treasures. Pair this with our handmade or machine-casted gold chain to dazzle like a diva. 


  • Can I buy a diamond locket below ₹10,000? 

Absolutely! Our God and Alphabet diamond lockets are priced at ₹5,965 and ₹6,820 respectively. 

  • What is the god purity in the diamond locket of Rupashree Jewellers? 

All of our diamond lockets are embellished in 18k of gold.