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Gold Bala Bangle: Embrace Tradition and Elegance in Every Loop  

A classic gold bala bangle is so much more than just a piece of jewellery. Prized for its opulence and beauty, bala is a precious part of Bengali culture and traditions. Rupashree Jewellers houses a range of exquisite gold bala to beautify your pretty wrist even more.

Diverse Designs at Your Fingertip

Since 1919, Rupashree Jewellers has been a one-stop destination to adorn the women of India, especially West Bengal. Here are some of our brilliant types of bala: 

Golap Bala 

Golap gold bala or rose bangle mirrors the glorious history and heritage of Bengal’s jewellery. Rupashree Jewellers has given this royal timeless design a modern makeover. The starting price of our 25 grams of Golap bala is ₹168,090. 

Rule Bala 

Rule gold bala design is one of the time-worn patterns of Bengal’s bangles. ‘Rule’ means curved stripes in Bengali. The bala is engraved with twisted nakshi or stripes that will surely enhance the allure of your wrist. Get 10 grams of Rule bala for just ₹67,264. 

Sarada Bala 

Sarada Devi, one of the 19th-century mystics, used to wear a pair of unique gold bangles. Since then, this one-of-a-kind bala design has been named after her. This bangle has two openings and a traditional design. This simple yet elegant piece starts with the price of ₹80,708 at Rupashree Jewellers.  

Mocor Mukh Bala 

An emblem of excellence, Mocor Mukh bala carries an offbeat style. The two openings of this gold bala are carved in the shape of Mocor or Capricorn. Team this piece up with a traditional saree to be the centre of all gaze. The price range for this bangle is ₹80,708.

High Polish Bala 

If perfect polishing is a process, our High Polish gold bala is the reflection of it. Crowned for its glossy finish, this bangle excellently compliments your charming wrist. At Rupashree Jewellers, 12 grams of it costs around ₹80,708. 

Pherpor Bala 

Nothing can match the regal vibrancy of Pherphor bala. The exquisite chillai work and 22k of gold have been paired to create this masterpiece. Wear this bangle to complete your festive look. The starting price of this gold bala bangle is ₹201,700.

Monipuri Bala 

Fabled by the skillful craftsmanship of Manipur, Monipuri bala is another versatile bangle. It seamlessly blends with any ethnic ensemble. Carved with intricate patterns, this antique gold bala exudes sheer elegance. 

Mine Bala 

Our Mine bala speaks about the excellent mastery of our artisans. Denoting the grace of Meenakari design, this bangle echoes grandeur. Adorn your wrist with its detailed design to stand out in the crowd. The price range of this lightweight gold bala is ₹80,708

Amrith Pak Bala  

Amrith Pak bala carries an interwoven pattern. Its twisted glamour never goes out of style. This traditional yet trend-setting design looks phenomenal when worn with Jamdani sarees. Indulge in conventional charm by grabbing this artistic piece for ₹269,000.

Pushpo Bala 

Named after its floral artistry, the supremacy of Pushpo bala in Bengali wedding attire is undeniable. Engraved with floral motifs, it celebrates all the treasured moments of a woman’s life. Get this floral bangle at ₹269,000. 

Nocksha Bala 

Nocksha, the Bengali term for ‘design’, is ideal to signify this magnificent jewellery. Its subtle designs are masterfully crafted to showcase its unparalleled beauty. In a word, Nocksha bala demands appreciation. We have a wide selection of this gold bala starting with ₹67,264.

Why Choose Us? 

Here’s why we are reckoned as one of the most trusted jewellery brands in India: 

  • Extensive quality checks 
  • Lifetime exchange policy 
  • Each item is certified with hallmark and RJ seal
  • Free shipping across Kolkata 

Historically, the gold bala bangle symbolises prosperity and good fortune. Notwithstanding geographical boundaries, gold bangles have become India’s favourite wrist ornament. At Rupashree Jewellers, we celebrate versatility. Our collection of bala is nothing but a reflection of the powerful woman you are – bold, confident, and full of grace. 


  • What is the price range of Monipuri bala at Rupashree Jewellers?  

The price range of our Monipuri bala is ₹134,482 for 20 grams.  

  • What is the purity of gold bangles at Rupashree Jewellers? 

At Rupashree Jewellers, 22k of gold is used to make exquisite bangles.