Diamond Noa

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Showing all 4 results

Diamond Noa Bangle for Women: Ultimate Statement of Luxury

An important piece of jewellery in bridal trousseau, the ‘Noa’ or ‘Lohabadhano’, is a single gold-plated iron bangle that women wear on their left wrist. This is a common tradition, particularly in India’s eastern parts, especially in Bengal. This iron bangle signifies a steadfast and indestructible bond and marriage.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of diamond Noa bangle.

Explore Variety of Diamond Noa Bangle with the Designs of Noa Bangles

Rooted in traditional significance, Noa has come a long way from being only a traditional wear to a smart and elegant ornament for daily use.

The variety of Noa bangles that you will find at Rupashree includes:

  • Baki Noa

Intricately designed, these bangles come with slightly crooked outlines. They have a circular structure and small ripples that complete the look. At Rupashree, the range starts from ₹53,820.

  • Bani Noa

Mostly coming in modern designs, these Noa bangles look more like solid gold bangle. While some might have beautiful minakari carvings, others come with the beauty of intricate lace, ideal to wear during weddings or traditional festivals. At Rupashree, the price range starts at ₹53,820.

  • Pater Noa

If you love thin and simple Noa, this variety will surely please you. The simple and elegant Pater Noa comes with a lightweight gold channel placed intricately over the iron bangle. The price range for this variety starts at ₹10,800/-.

  • Full Cover Noa

This range is dedicated to the ones who seek a simple yet traditional look for their ornaments. The full-cover Noa bangle comes with a gold plate that covers the iron bangle completely. The price range of full cover Noa bangle starts at ₹26,945/-

  • Half Cover Noa

This impressive diamond Noa bangle comes with the gold plate covering the iron bangle from the exterior section, and the finish is of sleek diamond stones. The price range for this variety starts at ₹40,380/-.

  • Aarai Pach Noa

Planning for Durga Puja or a traditional Indian wedding? This exquisite two-and-a-half intertwined bracelet-like Noa comes with elegant designs throughout the length of the bangle. It covers a large part of your wrist. Check out this range starting at ₹100,875/-.

At Rupashree, you will come across a wide range of diamond Noa bangles. These ornaments are exclusively handcrafted by skilled designers. Each product undergoes a quality check and comes with a hallmark, so explore high-quality jewellery at our store and find the one that excels in your radiance!


  • Can women wear a diamond Noa bangle with other bangles?

Yes, Women love to wear this statement piece stacking it with other bangles that include chur, sankha, pola, bala, and kada.

  • Can I get a diamond Noa bangle below the 20,000/- range?

Yes, the price range of diamond Noa bangle starts at ₹17,963.