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Baby Gold Ring: Perfect Beginning to a Lifetime of Luxury

Be it for occasional events or festivals, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends often have a desire to gift new-borns with something special. A beautiful gift of gold for the little one is always a treasure to behold. Show them unconditional love by gifting a timeless gold ornament that will last a lifetime and nothing can be better than blessing them with a baby gold ring.

Interesting, isn’t it? Let us take you through the advantages of gifting such an ornament and why you can trust Rupashree Jewellers.

Translate your Feelings into Infinite Memories: Gifting Baby Gold Ring to New-borns 

A perfect add-on to a lovely childhood will be the precious gifts we give to children. At Rupashree Jewellers, you will find an exclusive collection of gold rings for babies where you will find designers put a lot of care when designing these tender ornaments. 

You can browse through a wide range of collections. While some come as a single stone studding, you will find floral patterns and small spiral carvings on the head of the ornament.

All the gold jewellery for children is simple and effortlessly designed keeping in mind the tender fingers of the child. You can view all the gold rings for children online too.

Advantages of Gifting a Baby Gold Ring to Your Loved One

There are several benefits of gifting a baby gold ring which are as follows:

  • The beauty of blessing a kid with gold rings is that they are beautiful and perfectly fit a budget due to their weight ranges.
  • Most of the kids’ gold jewellery are lightweight allowing the child to wear them during special occasions without them feeling uncomfortable.
  • These are gender-neutral gifting options unless you wish to custom-design it with an alphabet.

Why Choose Rupashree Jewellers?

The purpose of purchasing gold jewellery for a baby girl or boy is to bless them with wealth, success, and grandeur, as gold symbolises the same. Therefore, it is essential to choose authentic brands to find the most genuine and high-quality products. 

Below is a reason you must choose Rupashree Jewellers:

  • All our products are made of 22-karat high-quality gold.
  • The RJ seal of trust comes with all our products, ensuring 100% reliability.
  • We ensure free shipping across Kolkata for all our gold products.
  • Each product comes with a hallmark sign and undergoes a strict vigil before delivering it to our customers. 

So, now you have an idea about our collection of baby gold rings! Gifting anything to a child is always a treasure. However, gold jewellery is an alluring wealth that stays with them forever, helping them remember their childhood affectionately. 


  • What is the price of a 1.2 gm baby gold ring at Rupashree Jewellers?

The price of a petite 22k baby gold ring is ₹9,067 at Rupashree Jewellers.

  • Can I exchange old designs at Rupashree Jewellers anytime I want to upgrade?

Yes, you can exchange your old designs anytime you want an upgrade.