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Showing all 62 results

Gold Pendants for Women: Where Beauty Meets Luxury 


It is a true mystery how a simple piece of jewellery can make such a difference in your style statement! If you are someone who likes minimalistic styles, gold pendants are ideal for you. These are loose chains hanging from your neck, with a unique locket that attracts eyes easily. Pendants are lightweight gold items that can be used on a daily basis.

Looking for some enchanting gold pendants for women within a tight budget? Rupashree Jewellers has just the collection! Scroll for more.

Explore Our Exquisite Pendant Designs 

Simple, elegant and mystique, gold pendants are perfect additions to bring out your inner beauty. At Rupashree Jewellers, we offer a diverse range of lockets for pendants, varying in terms of design and themes. Explore and buy gold pendants online at best prices!

  • Simple & Casual Designs

A large part of our collection includes simplistic and minimalistic designs. These are usually small in size and lighter than other designs. Some of these have carved alphabets, while the others have simple designs. The range of mangalsutra pendants also comes under this, suitable for married women. This theme is perfect for daily wear pendants, especially for those who like to wear these to work, with a starting price as low as ₹4,000. 

  • Hindu Religious Gold Pendants

Are you religious at heart? Check out our collection of God pendants at an affordable range. The lockets exhibit small models of Siddhi Sai, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Lord Jagannath, Lord Krishna, Goddess Durga, etc. Explore this collection and pay your respect to the Gods and Goddesses with your style statement! The collection starts only at ₹10,000. 

  • Pendants with Geometric Designs 

With this range, you get a wide collection of pendants in various geometric shapes and designs. These exude elegance and charm with intrinsic work of gold and tiny gemstones, making your accessories stand out in any outfit. The starting price of this collection is about ₹17,000. 

  • Pendants Inspired by Nature

Our jewellers are always inspired by the beauty of nature while crafting the products. You will find reflections of such inspiration in some of our pendants, with designs of the sun, flowers, leaves, etc. What’s more, this collection starts only at about ₹20,000. 

  • Pendants Inspired by Wildlife 

Wildlife is a large part of nature, and our craftsmen have not forgotten their contribution to the world. This is reflected in some of our products in this category. You will find designs exhibiting peacocks, fishes, butterflies, etc., on these lockets. They stand out for being unique yet elegant. Explore this theme starting only at ₹19,000. 

  • Heavy Pendants with Intrinsic Work of Gold  

Looking for something classy and heavy for your jewellery collection? Check out our latest designs of gold pendants. These are state-of-art pieces with lockets containing delicate and intricate work of gold strings. Here, you can explore stone-studded pendants, including ruby and emerald pendants. We also have an impressive collection of double-loop pendants on gold and diamonds. This range of pendants includes diverse designs, and starts from only ₹19,000.

Adorn Your Pendants with the Right Occasions 

Do you have a hard time choosing accessories for different occasions? At Rupashree Jewellers, we offer a range of pendants keeping various occasions in mind. 

  • Daily & Casual Wear: The biggest part of our collection includes pendants that are for daily and casual wear, with small lockets with simplistic designs. 
  • Office Wear: Explore our modern and minimalist designs of gold pendants, perfect for a formal outfit to your workplace. These will definitely outshine others around you!
  • Traditional Wear: Love the Indian tradition? Our craftsmen are always the best when designing traditional jewelleries. Find the best traditional pendants at best prices!
  • Heavy Festival Wear: Festivals are common across India, especially in the Bengali culture. You can rock your festive looks with our unique pendant designs!
  • For Gift: Want to show your appreciation to a loved one? Our collection of gold pendants for men and women will surely impress you. Also, check out the collection of baby pendants and lockets to gift a new-born!

Why Rupashree Jewellers?

The craftsmen at Rupashree Jewellers have closely studied your choices for this alluring collection. Here is why you should not miss an opportunity of shopping from us:

  • Free Shipping Across Kolkata
  • Diverse Variety of Products 
  • 100% Pure Hallmarked Gold 
  • Exchange Offers on Old Designs 

That was all about our collection of gold pendants. At Rupashree Jewellers, we prioritise customer support at any cost, and your choices will always be our command. Therefore, we have taken inspiration from your choices when crafting our products. Explore our diverse range of pendants today and find the product that truly expresses your real self!


  • Is a pendant better than a necklace?

Technically, necklaces are relatively heavier. Pendants are smaller and lighter accessories, having a chain and a locket. You should go for pendants if you like lighter jewellery.

  • What is the starting price of a gold pendant? 

The prices of pendants vary based on their designs and the amount of gold. At Rupashree Jewellers, there is a starting price of ₹4,000 on 22-karat gold pendants.