Diamond Ear Tops

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Diamond Ear Tops For Women: Unveil the Timeless Glamour

Diamond is special, and nothing ever goes wrong with it. Adding a hint of diamond to your accessories can really help you stand out, outshining everyone else. Small diamond ear tops, also known as studs, are stunning pieces of accessory, adding to your charm and personality.

At Rupashree Jewellers, we have designed a stunning collection of diamond ear tops for women, ensuring timeless beauty and elegance. Explore and find your favourites!

Top Diamond Ear Top Designs for Women 

What can be better to add to your charm than a dazzling diamond decorating your ears? Rupashree Jewellers has a stunning collection of diamond ear tops, covering a wide range of prices.

  1. Pasha

The majority of our designs include diamond pasha ear tops. These are small stud earrings that sit right on your ear. You can find both simplistic and heavy designs on these products. The collection starts at 1.5gm for approximately ₹14,000. Explore this range and find the piece that expresses your personality!

  1. Bali

These designs are slightly heavier than regular studs, and they usually cover your earlobe in the shape of a ring. These products are truly enigmatic, adding a blend of style and elegance to your appearance. Find the perfect fit for you from our dazzling collection for your special occasions. 

Sparkling Themes for Diamond Ear Tops

Wondering how our craftsmen design unique ear tops? Check out the themes that inspire us:

  • Simple & Casual: Most of our designs include small studs, with simple designs. These are great for casual outings or occasions. 
  • Fancy: These are the heavier products, designed for fancy occasions. These include intricate designs with solitaire or multiple diamonds. 
  • Floral: You will find a large range of ear tops with mesmerising floral designs on yellow gold, with dazzling diamonds on top of these. 
  • Geometric: Some of the products are made keeping simple geometric shapes in mind. These products will woo you with their minimalist yet elegant charm. 
  • Stars: Our collection of Nakshatra diamond earrings is in the shape of stars. With bright diamonds on gold, these will surely remind you of shiny stars in the night sky. 

Choose the Occasions to Adorn Your Ear Tops

At Rupashree Jewellers, you will find products that will rock your outfit on almost every occasion! Here are the occasions when our collection will come in handy for you:

  • Daily Wear 
  • Office and Formal Wear
  • Festivals and Weddings 
  • Party Wear 
  • Gifts for Women 

We at Rupashree Jewellers take pride in our unique collection. You, the customer, are always our consistent priority, and all our designs consider your choices. We offer free shipping across Kolkata and ensure completely pure and hallmarked gold of the finest quality. You can also upgrade your designs in exchange for your older products. 


  • What is the minimum diamond ear top price?

You can get diamond ear tops starting at only ₹14,000 from Rupashree Jewellers, which can increase up to ₹58,000, depending on the design. 

  • What kind of materials are used for such ear tops?

Our collection of diamond ear tops is made of the finest quality diamonds and 14-karat yellow gold at Rupashree Jewellers.