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Platinum Jewellery Collection: Timeless Beauty in Every Piece

It is safe to say that platinum is probably one of the most luxurious and sophisticated metals, representing elegance and class. Over the years, platinum jewellery has been one of the most sought-after accessory items, despite the expenses. At Rupashree Jewellers, we have done our best to craft the perfect collection that will add to your style statement. 

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Explore a Diverse Range of Platinum Rings

Whether you are proposing the love of your life or simply looking for an adornment to decorate your finger, platinum rings can never go wrong. They always outshine in a crowd, adding a touch of class and sophistication to your attire. 

At Rupashree Jewellers, we currently have the following types of rings:

  • Band Rings 

As the name suggests, these are the most simplistic rings, mostly used for weddings. These rings are highly classy and royal, adding to your style by decorating your ring finger. If you are planning to add to your collection of platinum jewellery for men, these products will surely appeal to you. These start from 3.6gm at a starting price of about ₹18,000.

  • Stone-studded Rings 

As if platinum alone wasn’t enough, these rings are further studded with gemstones like diamonds! These look like band rings, studded with diamonds and other stones. They dazzle your finger, standing out in any attire. This range starts from about ₹24,000, and is mostly suitable for men.

  • Fancy Rings 

These rings are designed for stylish ladies who prefer fancy and trendy ring designs. You will find unique and exquisite designs in this range of platinum jewellery for women, sometimes studded with stones on a platinum shank. These are much thinner compared to the band rings, and start from about ₹20,000, weighing nearly 3.5gm. 

  • Couple Rings 

Planning your wedding or engagement party? Our couple rings of platinum will surely dazzle the event! Find the perfect pair, both for you and your partner, and celebrate your love among your close ones. This collection will help you maintain the sacred bond of love and friendship for the rest of your life!

Adorn your Platinum Collection for Every Occasion 

We at Rupashree Jewellers are committed to gain inspiration from the latest trends and choices of the jewellery lovers. This has helped us ensure something for every occasion. Rock all your special moments with our platinum collection!

  • Daily wear: The band rings are perfect for daily wear. You can wear these to work or even while completing your daily chores. They will catch attention and stand out in a crowd!
  • Wedding: If your culture has a ring exchange ceremony for weddings, do not hesitate to check out our platinum couple rings collection!
  • Proposal or engagement: Planning to express your love for that special person? Find the perfect platinum ring and show your love and appreciation to win their love.
  • Parties & Events: Attending an important event? Stand out from others with a dazzling diamond-studded platinum ring from our collection. 
  • For gift: You can find perfect finger rings to gift to someone close to you. They will surely feel your love and warmth as the ring will cover their fingers. 

Why Rupashree Jewellers?

There are numerous brands offering platinum jewellery. Then, why us? The answer is simple, because we care! We at Rupashree Jewellers take pride in prioritising our customers, and make sure that they have an exclusive and personalised experience while shopping from us. Some of the other facilities we offer are as follows:

  • Free Shipping: Are you from Kolkata? We have great news! Order platinum jewellery online from Rupashree Jewellers can get fast delivery without having to pay any shipping charge!
  • Certified Products: Rest assured about the quality of platinum or diamond when ordering rings from us. Our products are 100% authentic and they undergo regular quality checks before being sold.
  • Exchange Facilities: Bored of your old jewellery and accessories? With our new scheme, exchange your old designs and upgrade your collection with latest trendy accessories at a low price.

That was all about our platinum collection. If you wish to stand out and add more sophistication and elegance to your style statement, check out this collection and purchase platinum jewellery online. All the designs are crafted with intrinsic work, keeping a diversity of your choices in mind!


  • What is the starting price of platinum jewellery?

At Rupashree Jewellers, you can find stunning platinum rings starting from only ₹18,000. The price will increase with the level of designs and presence of other stones. 

  • What kind of rings will be suitable for an engagement?

Couple rings of platinum will be ideal for an engagement. This pair will have band rings for men and stone-studded fancier rings for women.