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Showing all 4 results

Buy Gold Coins in Kolkata: Your Path to Financial Security

Gold investment has become a trend worldwide, particularly across India. If you are not into jewellery and accessories, investing in gold coins is probably the safest option. At Rupashree Jewellers, we have a great collection of gold coins for a variety of prices, keeping every segment of customers in mind. 

Buy gold coins Kolkata and secure your wealth and future today! 

Explore Golden Opportunities with Gold Coins

We at Rupashree Jewellers prioritise our customers and their choices above all. Hence, our collection of gold coins is available for a variety of prices based on the affordability of various segments. Buy gold coins online from us and ensure a stable future for you and your family!

  • 1gm Gold Coin 

This is the smallest gold coin you can procure from us. It is a great investment within a tight budget. 

  • 2gm Gold Coin

A slightly heavier one, this 2 gm gold coin is available. It is again a good choice if you have a restricted investment plan. 

  • 5gm Gold Coin 

For a slightly expanded investment plan, go for this 5-gram coin. 

  • 10gm Gold Coin 

This is the heaviest gold coin in our collection, weighing 10 grams. Procure it for future financial security!

Tips to Consider When You Buy Gold Coins Online 

Planning to buy gold coins Kolkata? Make sure to get genuine products. Keep the following tips in mind to avoid any losses:

  • Make sure to check the purity of gold and its hallmark before buying a coin. At Rupashree Jewellers, we offer 100% pure hallmarked 22-karat gold. 
  • Look out for discount seasons when purchasing a gold coin to save big!
  • Avoid paying additional charges when purchasing such coins.
  • Remember to get the receipts and bills, and keep them secured for the future. 

Why Rupashree Jewellers?

The sole purpose of purchasing gold coins is to resell them for better prices. Hence, it is important to choose authentic places to find the most genuine products. Here is why you should choose Rupashree Jewellers over other brands:

  • We offer free shipping across Kolkata for all our gold items.
  • Our products are made of 22-karat high-quality gold.
  • Each product undergoes a quality check and comes with a hallmark. 

That concludes our discussion on gold coins at Rupashree Jewellers. If you are looking for a safe and affordable investment option, we advise you to buy gold coins Kolkata, as the price of this metal is on the rise. With our collection, you will find coins for different prices. Explore the options today!


  • Is investing in gold coins worth it?

Yes, it is highly beneficial to invest in gold coins. You can always resell them for profit. Moreover, these also make a great gift during festivals.