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Diamond Rings For Women: Adorn Your Fingers With Glamour

With ageless charm and prestige, diamonds have always been a junction where beauty meets brilliance. Its ever-shining glow signifies the cherishing chapters of your life or milestones you have reached. Its gaze, an extravagant flame of passion, perfectly compliments the real you. Diamond rings stand as a reflection of your inner fire that helps to captivate everyone around you.

To let you experience the extraordinary, Rupashree Jewellers has proudly presented an unparalleled collection of diamond rings since 1919. We, as a brand, empower you to confidently unleash your inner spark with our exclusive diamond ornaments. 

Extraordinary Rings for Those Who Dare to Dazzle 

As one of the leading brands in the Indian jewellery industry, Rupashree Jewellers aims to create a lasting impression in its vicinity. Starting from traditional pieces to contemporary designs, our collection of diamond rings for men and women is thriving.

  • Cocktail Diamond Rings  

To reflect the captivating charm of diamonds more than ever, cocktail rings have risen to relevance. Also known as statement rings, cocktail diamond rings are crafted with an over-sized diamond and intricate designs. Mostly worn on right hands, cocktail rings play a starring role making you the centre of all gaze.   

Rupashree Jewellers houses divergent shapes and designs of these timeless treasures available on 14k and 18k of gold. While the starting price of 14k cocktail rings is ₹8,254, the 18k rings are available at  ₹7,885 and onwards.

Occasions to wear

Embodying an oxymoronic combination of grandeur and minimalism, our cocktail diamond rings can be used to ornate for office parties, casual get-togethers, social events, and even, as dailywear.  

  • Engagement Diamond Rings  

With a promise of permanence, diamond, and engagement go back a long way. Our various selections of exquisite engagement rings compliment the ever-lasting love between you and your forever person. These diamond rings for engagement are not only counted as relics of romance but are also inspired by infinity. Since we have engagement diamond rings for women and men, you can also get a pair as a couple ring.

Weighing about 1.95 gms and more, the starting price of our engagement rings is ₹27,398. Made using 18k and 14k of gold and world-class quality diamonds, these rings remain as pristine as new for ages.  

Occasions to wear

Since we strive to offer versatility with every piece, you can wear our rings at various events apart from engagement. Their subtle design adds a sense of refinement to every outfit.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Rings 

Hailing from France, the princess cut is the most chosen cut when it comes to diamonds. This contemporary cut carries a square or rectangular shape and comes with four bevelled sides. Named after its pyramidal shape, this sought-after cut gives each ring a vintage charm.  

At Rupashree Jewellers, we have a diverse range of princess cut diamond rings starting at just ₹34,505. Our maestro artisans with their years-long experience create such spell-binding pieces to make you feel the royalty within. 

Occasions to wear:  

Nowadays, many people choose princess cut diamond rings for their weddings. Apart from your special day, wear these wow-some rings anytime you want. Their enthralling beauty seamlessly blends with any occasion. 

Why Shop at Rupashree Jewellers? 

Prioritising customer satisfaction and optimum product quality, Rupashree Jewellers has become one of the trusted brands across India, especially in West Bengal. As our relationship with our valued customers continues to grow, we are thrilled to announce the advantages of shopping at us. Here is a detail: 

  • Zero shipping charges across Kolkata 
  • Lifetime exchange of old items for contemporary pieces 
  • Each product comes with a hallmark and an RJ seal for authentication

That is all about our collection of diamond rings. Since forever, diamonds have held a special place in everyone’s keepsake box. Diamond jewellery has captured people’s hearts by magnificently enhancing the appearance of the wearer. Our rings, being the epitome of endless passion and jaw-dropping design, amplifies your style statement.   

Get in touch with us to be unique, be special, be Rupashree! 


  • What is an emerald-cut diamond ring? 

An emerald-cut diamond ring comprises a total number of 57 facets. It boasts an extended rectangular structure with cut-off corners. 

  • What is the most essential aspect to consider while buying diamond rings? 

When choosing a ring, it’s important to consider the 4 Cs of diamonds, which are cut, carat weight, colour, and clarity. At Rupashree Jewellers, you can find all the details of each ring to make an informed choice.