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Showing all 72 results

Gold Rings For Women: Explore Elegance At Your Fingertips

Women today believe in earning it the hard way. They are true fighters, balancing work and family at the same time. Small accessories can elevate their looks and appearance, making them feel beautiful and confident. Their slender fingers receive the much-deserved charm and sophistication with pretty yellow gold rings.

Rupashree Jewellers has been striving to bring new and unique designs on the table regularly keeping the latest trends in mind. Discover a world of treasure and stand out with our collection of gold rings for women!

Elevate Your Style With a Stunning Collection of Gold Rings

We at Rupashree Jewellers take pride for our alluring designs and flawless crafting process, which helps us to exhibit an enchanting collection. Here is a highlight of our designs of trendy gold rings for women:

  • Umbrella Ring

All the lovely ladies who like huge and heavy rings will surely love this collection. Just like an umbrella, these rings cover a large part of your finger, definitely standing out even in gorgeous attires. The price of a collection of big gold rings for women starts from ₹47,000.

  • Pola Ring

Pola is a sacred material used to create jewelleries for married Bengali women. To show their respect for a sacred bond of marriage, they wear pola bangles. At Rupashree Jewelleries, we have used the pretty dark red pola materials for creating rings for women, with simplistic designs with gold. These products start from only ₹3,000, and weigh under 1 gram.

  • Band Ring

As much as band rings are stereotyped for men, we know women also find these alluring. These are the simplest designs, with a single band of gold and some intrinsic work on top of it. You can also explore a range of couple band rings for weddings or engagements. The starting price of the collection of band gold rings for women is about ₹16,000.

  • Stone Ring

Our craftsmen are committed to design the latest trends of jewelleries. The use of gemstones on rings has been such a trend. A dazzling stone on a ring shank adds to its beauty and charm. Some of these designs have a single stone on a shank, while the others include multi-coloured stones on work of gold. This collection, with stunning ruby rings and emerald rings, starts from about ₹17,000.

Besides, if you are looking for cute gold rings to gift a baby girl, we have a great collection of baby rings under only 1 gram. Explore and find your favourites today!

Choose Your Rings Based on the Occasion 

At Rupashree Jewellers, we take pride in having at least a piece for everyone. Irrespective of your occasion, you will surely find something alluring from our collection. You will find stunning gold rings for any of the following occasions:

  • Weddings: Are you a groom-to-be? Explore our alluring wedding collection and find the perfect fit to suit your bride. 
  • Proposal or Engagement: Thinking of impressing your amazing woman? Check out our collection of enchanting engagement gold rings for women.
  • Festivals: India, West Bengal in particular, is always beaming with festivals and celebrations. Stand out in these with an elegant touch of accessory!
  • Daily Wear: Explore our range of simple gold rings for women if you wish to wear this piece of accessory on a daily basis. These are light and under budget. 

That was all about our collection of gold rings for women. We at Rupashree Jewellers are aware of the evolving trends and choices, and have updated our collection accordingly. Irrespective of your choice and occasion, we have it all. Check out our collection and store your favourites today!


  • How much is the starting price of a gold ring?

Gold bands usually start at ₹3,000 at Rupashree Jewellers, while fancier rings for women start from ₹16,000.

  • What kind of gold ring will be suitable for a bride?

Umbrella rings are common favourites of brides for their special day. You can also go for the unique finger cuff rings. These rings are long, covering your entire finger with a unique design.