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Showing all 32 results

Gold Rings for Men – Where Elegance Meets Craftsmanship 

A classic gold ring is an elegant accompaniment to accentuate any attire, from formal to casual to ethnic. Not just a piece of jewellery, gold rings for men are a bold reflection of self-expression. Epitomising impeccable class and opulence, men’s gold rings never cease to exude masculinity in all its glory. 

Rupashree Jewellers is an industry leader with a versatile collection of fascinating gold rings. Embellishing your fingers with them lets your style shine the most. 

Designed to Perfection Gold Rings for Men

Whether you are looking for engagement gold rings for men for your special day or a stone ring for gifting purposes, Rupashree Jewelleries has countless options to choose from. Our excellent artisans with their unparalleled craftsmanship have curated rings of different styles. Read on to learn more about them: 

  • Band Ring  

Derived from wedding bands, band gold rings for men are currently in vogue. These faceted rings mirror lifelong commitment and are mostly preferred for weddings and engagements. While celebrating commitment is outstanding, most men fall in love with its striking design. A polished circle with intricate filigree looks simply phenomenal. 

At Rupashree Jewellers, we have various band rings for men. Their definitive structure with unique design is sure to catch your eye. Adorn these exquisite pieces with an ethnic ensemble or formal outfit to stand out in the crowd. The price range of our band gold rings for men is as nominal as ₹12,350. 

  • Stone Ring 

Unique and captivating, just like you, stone rings are worn either to ornate or to express.  A quintessential stone ring has a satisfying minimalism to it. A simple circle with a stone atop never fails to make a fashion statement. Not only do they compliment your ensemble but also are adaptable to any style.

Rupashree Jewellers has an array of stone rings of divergent design. Each of them effortlessly offers a tantalising touch to your outfit. From American diamond rings to rings of other precious gemstones, we have brought a wide variety under one roof. The range starts from a surprising price of ₹12,120 for 1.70 gms. 

Why choose us? 

Since 1919, Rupashree Jewellers has been known for its contemporary and meticulous designs, extraordinary quality, and ageless artistry. While our designs speak for themselves, we offer some other exciting features that make us the best place for all your jewellery requirements: 

  • Free shipping within Kolkata 
  • Hallmark and RJ seal on every item for authentication 
  • Guaranteed lifetime exchange 

We hope this comprehensive overview of gold rings for men will guide you in selecting the best. Men and gold rings go back a long way! Historically, men wearing gold rings are a reflection of grandeur and prosperity. As defined above, our assortment of men’s gold rings is vast and diverse. With world-class intricacies and peerless purity, our gold rings have their own way of enticing you. 

Delve into a world of radiant rings and have a fantastic shopping experience! 


  • What is the purity of gold rings at Rupashree Jewellers? 

Rupashree Jewellers’ gold rings for men are made using 22k gold. Each ring comprises 91.67% pure gold and 8.33% added metal for durability and strength. 

  • Is a gold ring good for daily wear? 

Absolutely! Since our gold rings are an absolute charm, pair your outfit with them daily to rev up your appearance.