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Showing all 28 results

Gold Chur Bangle: Enhance the Elegance of Your Wrist 

Emblems of feminine grace, bangles are more than just a piece of mere jewellery. Derived from the word ‘Bangri’ or ‘Bangali’, in Sanskrit, bangle means ‘ornaments to adorn arms’. While there are a host of stunning bangles, nothing amplifies your style statement more than a gold chur bangle.

Different Types of Gold Chur Bangle at Your Fingertips  

An essential element of Bengali bridalwear, gold chur offers a fair share of elegance and royalty. Apart from completing your sankha-pola-worn hands, a gold chur adds a touch of uniqueness to your pretty wrist.  

At Rupashree Jewellers, we have brought a versatile collection of gold chur bangles. These bangles offer a regal glow filling your fashion with effortless sophistication. 

  • Kongkon 

Loved and adored by many, Kongkon is reckoned for its majestic appearance. The intricate artistry of this bangle captures the conventional charm of the Bengali bridal attire and can make your special day worth remembering. Goes perfectly from modern to heavy bridalwear, this gold chur bangle imparts an imperial illuminance to your outfit. Its pleasing patterns and motifs excellently amplify everything traditional.

The price range with weight: ₹114,315 for 17 grams

  • Kharu 

Blending proficiency and creativity, Kharu is the reflection of an ageless craft. Its exquisite designs mirror the cultures and traditions of Bengal. This beautiful wrist-craft delightfully compliments your mehndi-filled hands. Whether you wear it with a saree or lehenga-choli, the opulent Meenakari of this lightweight gold chur design ignites the magnificence of any occasion. 

The price range with weight: ₹235,300 for 35 grams

Occasions to Flaunt Your Gold Chur Bangle 

Putting on the right ornament for the right occasion is highly important. Following are some of the events where a trendy chur bangle will be a perfect match! 

  • Weddings and ceremonies 
  • Cultural occasions
  • Parties and celebration events

Why Choose Us?  

At Rupashree Jewelleries, we believe every piece of jewellery has a unique story and we are here to help you write your own memorable stories with our distinctive pieces. To bring you the best, we have incorporated some ‘Rupashree’ advantages: 

  • Swarnoropron scheme for effortless gold purchase 
  • Trustworthy certifications with hallmark and RJ seal 
  • Zero shipping charges across Kolkata 
  • Guaranteed lifetime exchange

Adorn yourself with a radiant gold chur bangle for an unfading shine! Traditionally, chur bangles symbolise marital bliss, fertility, and prosperity. Exuding aesthetic and cultural significance, our wide array of chur bangles can meet the tastes and preferences of today’s brides. 


  • What is the difference between chur and ratan chur? 

While a chur is an exquisitely shaped bangle, a ratan chur comprises dual bracelets that are connected by a finger ring. 

  • Which one of the two gold chur bangles can be worn at office and formal events? 

Kongkon can be worn with any ethnic ensemble at office and other formal events.