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Gold Mangalsutra For Women: Where Elegance Meets Tradition 

The term ‘Mangalsutra’ derives from the Sanskrit term ‘Mangala Sutra’, that refers to ‘Auspicious Holy Thread’. Considered a holy string or a necklace, the groom ties a piece of jewellery around the bride’s neck during the Hindu wedding ritual. According to Indian culture, Mangalsutra is one of the most auspicious accessories signifying a woman’s marital status. A Mangalsutra comes in red or black beads, diamonds, or gold. 

Interesting, isn’t it? Let us learn about gold mangalsutra for women in detail.

Significance of Mangalsutra for Women in India: The Bride’s Pride

Mangalsutra holds a significant heritage and history of its own in Indian tradition. The grand occasion of tying this auspicious chain is called Mangalya Dharanam and the families of the bride and groom celebrates it with grandeur. However, below is the significance of the gold mangalsutra:

  • Gold is considered the colour of the sun, according to Indian mythology. So, gold mangalsutra represents the divine glow and prosperity in the form of Lakshmi.
  • This holy chain is believed to protect the bond between the married couple from all negativities.
  • Mangalsutra is said to protect a marriage and a husband’s health and fortune, according to Indian tradition.
  • Women wear this ornament all her life, indicating the love and commitment that they both have towards each other and promise to carry forward.
  • In some Indian culture, the family members tie 3-knots in this ornament where each knot signifies a different aspect. One is loyalty towards the husband, the second is devotion to the Lord, and the third is dedication to the family. 

Design of Gold Mangalsutra: Excelling Elegance 

Since a Mangalsutra is worn by married women only, there are traditional designs that look heavy. Earlier designers designed mangalsutras in a way only to match traditional Indian outfits, and a woman of today might find it tough to wear them for daily use.

Keeping this concept in mind, designers today are making beautiful contemporary mangalsutra, that are easy to wear and carry for 21st-century married women.

Most gold mangalsutra designs come in sleek and chic patterns with minimalistic stones and beads. They exhibit a stylish appeal, allowing women to easily blend in with their casual, western wear, or business formals. The lightweight gold allows for easy wearing and managing of the ornament without having to become more cautious with it every time a woman steps out.

Choosing the Best Mangalsutra for Bride

If you are the groom looking to gift your bride the perfect necklace, below are the pointers to keep in mind when selecting a mangalsutra:

  • Consider the Length: If your bride needs to wear it regularly, selecting a shorter and more delicate style is feasible.
  • Pendant Style: You must thoughfully consider the pendant style and choose one that meets your bride’s personality.
  • Lightweight Gold: If your bride loves wearing gold, choose lightweight designs which are suitable for daily wear.

Consider a combination of black beads and gold, a sleek design that your bride can wear with various outfits, at all occasions.

Why Choose Rupashree Jewellers? 

When buying any gold ornament, it is necessary to purchase from a reliable brand. Below are the reasons you can choose us for your special occasions:

  • All gold mangalsutra for women are made of 22k gold which ensures purity.
  • Each necklace ensures hallmark certification and RJ seal and promises you the best quality. 
  • Before delivery of any ornament, each of the neckpieces undergoes a strict vigil to avoid any shortfalls.
  • You can exchange your old designs with the new ones anytime you want an upgrade.
  • We ensure free shipping across Kolkata, providing the finest ornaments at doorstep delivery. 

To keep up with the changing trends, several designers are crafting these ornaments in gold and precious diamonds that help to elevate all the outfits effortlessly. Rupashree Jewellers’ extensive collection of gold mangalsutra for women lets you find that perfect piece for your special day, with ease! So, adorn adds a touch of elegance to your bridal ensemble by wearing a wonderful piece and radiate with a bridal glow.


  • What is the price of a 22k gold mangalsutra in India?

A 22k gold mangalsutra price in India ranges around ₹44,946/-(6.44 gm) to ₹68733/- (10.04 gm).

  • Can I find Mangalsutra with traditional design at Rupashree Jewellers?

Yes, you can find elegant beautiful traditional Mangalsutra designs to wear for special occasions.