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Showing 1–100 of 156 results

Golden Earrings for Women: Where Elegance Meets Affordability

Shining gold earrings are the epitome of timeless elegance and irresistible charm. From formal meetings to social get-togethers to ceremonies, they are an irreplaceable add-on to any attire. A perfect pair of gold earrings for women never fails to turn heads.

We, at Rupashree Jewellers, understand your unmatched love for gold and white gold earrings. Thus, we have brought a selection of the best traditional and contemporary earrings. These bridal and simple gold earrings for daily use add a sense of sophistication to your overall chic appearance.

One-of-a-kind Designs Curated Just for You 

At Rupashree Jewellers you can find unlimited choices matching your preferences. From exquisite jhumka to embedded stud gold earrings for women, finding your pair has never been this easy. 

  • Chand Bali 

Many have craved for a pair of elegant chand bali earrings to stand out while listening to ‘Ye Teri Chaand Baaliyan’! Are you also one of them? Then, Rupashree Jewellers is the hotspot for you! The starting price of this drop & dangle gold earrings for women is as low as ₹67,000. Being an emblem of excellence, it perfectly suits any occasion, be it festivals or weddings. 

  • Kan Bala  

Emerging from the core of Bengal, Kan Bala mirrors uncompromising creativity. Though embellished gorgeously with intricate artistry, these earrings can easily be worn throughout the day. At Rupashree Jewellers, you can find various types of kan bala that are also bridal gold earrings at ₹33,000 and above.

  • Suidhaga 

If you are a minimalist, then Suidhaga is the one to go with. Its lightweight design with nominal embellishments perfectly matches any event and festivity. Inspired by the busy lifestyle of modern women, this classic earring can undeniably be paired up with any outfit celebrating versatility. We have compiled an array of beautiful suidhaga earrings at a range of ₹10,600 and above.

  • Jhumko 

One of the most celebrated gold earrings for women, Jhumko will never go out of style. Adorned by millions of women, these fashion-forward earrings add a sensational spark to your ethnic ensemble. Rupashree Jewellers owns divergent types of jhumko, from simple to heavy. While the basic ones are priced at ₹9,526 and onwards, the price of heavier pieces (6 gms and more) starts from ₹40,000.

  • Kan Jhumko 

Looking for gorgeous gold earrings for women with a price that won’t burn your pocket? Then, look no further than kan jhumko. Carrying an ear cuff design through to the bell silhouette itself, kan jhumko is another impressive ornament that deserves a space in your keepsake box. The range of our kan jhumko is ₹80,000. 

  • Hoop 

One of the ageless ornaments of all time, hoop gold earrings for women are magnificent yet minimal. Named after its semi-circle or oval shape, these are mostly preferred for daily wear. Rupashree Jewellers is a treasure trove of different types of hoop earrings that start from only ₹4,483. Yes, you read it right!

Why Choose Us? 

With top-notch handiwork and excellent services, Rupashree Jewellers has paved its way into people’s hearts since its inception in 1919. Here’s why shopping from us is the wisest choice of all: 

  • Easy exchange of old jewellery for state-of-the-art pieces at any time. 
  • Get optimum certification with the RJ seal on all items. 
  • Each piece is hallmarked and processed under fail-safe inspection to deliver the finest quality. 
  • With free shipping across Kolkata, select your preferred jewellery straight from your comfort and get it in no time without any hassle.

Now that you know everything about our awe-inspiring assortment of gold earrings for women, don’t wait any longer and get your hands on them now! With peerless craftsmanship and strict scrutiny in action, Rupashree Jewellers stands as a one-stop destination to ornate yourself with.  

Grab the finest and let your earrings do the talk for you!


  • Which earrings are ideal for everyday use?

Small hoops, and suidhaga are the best options for regular wear. Not only are they weightless to carry all day long, but their minimal elegance also adds a hint of grace.  

  • What are the things to keep in mind before buying gold earrings for women online? 

One must always ensure to keep the budget, design, and purity you wish to buy in mind for an effortless purchasing process.