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Showing all 55 results

Gold Noa Bangle: Brighten Up Your Bridal Brilliance

Noa, a gold-plated iron bangle, is a quintessential element of Bengali trousseau. Regionally known as the ‘Lohabadhano’, a gold noa bangle mirrors a time-honoured tradition of Bengali culture. It introduces a married Bengali woman to her new life. Though deeply rooted in customs, nowadays noa has also become a fashion statement.

A Versatile Range of Magnificent Gold Noa Bangles 

The Bengali gold noa design has evolved over the years, presenting various types of noa bangles. Rupashree Jewellers offers an exclusive collection of gold noa bangles. 

Baki Noa: 

Baki noa or dancing wave noa follows a zigzag pattern. Being a trendsetting Bengali noa design, it exceptionally stands as a form of self-expression for intriguing jewellery enthusiasts. At Rupashree Jewellers, the price range of Baki noa starts from ₹53,820.00 for 8 gms.

Bani Noa

Bani gold noa bangle resembles the shape of a braid. This simple yet elegant design mirrors eternal beauty and infinite style. Embellish your wrist with it to amplify your overall appearance while embracing the true spirits of marriage. The range of the noa starts from ₹53,820.

Pater  Noa

This is the age-old design of noa. Inspired by the rich history of Bengali culture, our Pater noa is evidence of magnificent craftsmanship. You can find divergent designs of Pater noa for ₹10,800 and above.

Full Cover Noa

Named after the comprehensive gold plating, this Full Cover gold noa bangle comes in various designs: spiral, intertwined, plain, and more. Bedecking your wrist with this pristine piece fills your married life with style and opulence. At Rupashree Jewellers, grab this noa at just ₹40,380.

Half Cover Noa: 

Simpler than the previous one, Half Cover noa comes with an exterior-only gold plating. Crafted to be classic, this exquisite piece epitomises marital bliss and highlights your feminine charm. Starting at just ₹26,935, embellish your wrist with it to make your daily life fashionable.

Aarai Pach Noa:  

Beautify your new venture by adding this treat of uniqueness to your life. Beyond mere ornament, this graceful piece is perfect for all those women who love to come out of the ordinary. At Rupashree Jewellers, you can get them at  ₹100,875.

Why choose Us? 

Here are some advantages of shopping at Rupashree Jewellers: 

  • Guaranteed lifetime exchange 
  • Diverse designs
  • Free shipping with Kolkata 
  • Optimum authentication with RJ seal and hallmark

As per the traditions of Bengal, once a woman enters her new home after her wedding, her mother-in-law gifts her gold noa bangle as a symbol of good fortune and an indestructible bond. Pick either of our alluring patterns to perfectly compliment your mehendi-laden hands.


  • What is the minimum weight of an Aarai Pach noa at Rupashree Jewellers?  

At Rupashree Jewellers, the minimum weight of Aarai Pach noa is 15 gms. 

  • What is the purity of gold noa bangles at Rupashree Jewellers? 

With the promise of purity, Rupashree Jewellers offers 22k of gold purity on all of its noa bangles.