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Showing all 46 results

Gold Pola Bangle: A Unique Addition to Your Bengali Wedding Collection 

Shankha and pola are the inseparable duo of a Bengali wedding ritual. Women wear pola, a traditional red bangle with a white shankha as a sign of auspicious bonds of marriage. When decorated with gold plate designs, these reflect the flawless grace of Bengali tradition and culture. 

A gold pola bangle, popularly known as “pola badhano”, looks graceful in contrast with the bright white exterior of a shankha. Together, these two pretty bangles represent the marital status of a woman in Bengali culture. 

Celebrate this sacred nuptial bond with Rupashree Jewellers! Explore an exquisite collection of pola bangles at Rupashree Jewellers within your budget. 

Unique Gold Pola Badhano Designs at the Best Price Range

Our collection speaks of true Bengali tradition in every aspect. Check out our best-selling pola badhano designs and pick the one that suits your bridal trousseau perfectly: 

  • Paater Pola

Our collection of minimalistic paater pola bangle designs starts from 3gms, with a starting price of ₹21,000 only. These authentic bangles with overall gold plating stand out for their beauty, with a shining band of gold right in between the width of the dark red bangles. This range includes the most diverse types of designs in our gold pola bangle collection.

  • Ruli Pola

Our ruli pola range is definitely a statement collection for every woman. These are thin and simplistic, red-coloured bangles with a hint of gold. These unique bangles really stand out in a traditional get-up and can be just the perfect testimony to a woman’s married life, starting from as low as ₹15,000.

  • Pola Bracelet 

If you are looking for a heavier and more prominent design on your pola badhano, our collection of pola bracelets will surely woo you. These are dark red bangles covered with detailed intrinsic designs with shining gold. What’s more? This collection will fit right within your budget, starting from only ₹22,000. 

  • Mukh Pola

Mukh is the Bengali term for mouth. This range of pola bangles exhibit a stunning design of gold only at one end of the bangle, which is considered its mouth. These stylish pola bangles can be suitable for making a significant statement with your accessories. At Rupashree Jewellers, these products start from about ₹25,000.

Why Choose Us?

Rupashree Jewellers is a blooming name in the field of gold jewellery. Shop with us and avail the following benefits:

  • Get free shipping on all gold products from any place across Kolkata. 
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  • Rest assured with our RJ seal on your jewellery, which comes with 100% trust for a lifelong connection. 

That was all about the exceptional collection of gold pola bangles at Rupashree Jewellers. We offer all kinds of jewellery and accessories keeping the latest trends in mind! 

So, what is the wait for? Visit our website or our current outlet at Rashbehari Avenue in Kolkata and choose the best gold pola bangle for your wedding today!


  • What is the lowest price of gold pola bangles?

Gold pola bangles start from only ₹15,000 at Rupashree Jewellers. The prices keep increasing with the designs and weight of gold. 

  • Which type of pola bangles are more suitable for special occasions?

Pola bracelets and mukh pola are the heaviest types of pola bangles. These unveil unique and alluring designs with heavy and intrinsic gold work. You can explore these products at Rupashree Jewellers for special occasions.