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Showing 1–100 of 779 results

Glistening Radiance: An Alluring 22K Gold Jewellery Collection 

Despite change and evolutions throughout the world, gold has continued to be one of the most valuable metals. Jewellery and other items made of gold continue to be popular items for sale. At Rupashree Jewellers, we believe in using the finest quality of gold for crafting our products.

Explore our 22K gold jewellery collection and store your favourites today!

Alluring & Unique Accessories: 22K Gold Jewellery Collection

We at Rupashree Jewellers have focused on both quality and designs when crafting our products. You can find a wide variety of products at the best prices within this category! Explore our 22k gold jewellery designs with prices here:

  • Chains

Our collection of gold chains can truly impress you with their unique designs and appearance. These are categorised into two groups, machine-made and handmade items. The former category includes items like the Rajkot chain, Dori chain, mof chain, etc. The starting price of these is about ₹20,500, with a minimum weight of 3 grams. Handmade chains like biche chain, bali chain and hale chain start from 6 grams at a starting price of ₹40,000.

  • Necklaces 

Our diverse range of necklaces stands out for their charming allure. Irrespective of the occasion or your outfit, you will find a piece that relates to you. Our collection of sita haar and lahari haar are perfect for a bridal collection, or rocking traditional attire. Tusi necklaces, on the other hand, are for modern events. You can also explore chokers, pola necklaces and party haar, starting from only ₹7,000.

  • Pendants 

We have an impressive collection of gold pendants with a wide range of gold lockets. These items are suitable for daily and casual wear, and also for parties and formal events. We have a stunning collection of stone lockets, gini lockets and God lockets. You can also explore shankha and pola lockets, and lockets with alphabets. Explore gold pendants starting from just ₹5,700.

  • Handwear 

The gold handwear collection at Rupashree Jewellers is something to look out for. It is an extensive collection of stunning bangles, bracelets, churi, chur, mantasa, bala, etc. These are stunning necklaces, suitable for both modern and traditional events and festivals. These start from ₹54,000. We also have a great collection of shankha, pola and noa bangles for married Bengali women. 

  • Earrings 

Rupashree Jewellers has an impressive collection of gold earrings, including chand bali, kan bala, jhumko, and ear tops like pasha and bali. The ear tops are great for daily wear or casual or formal events. When it comes to festivals and weddings, jhumko and chand bali earrings will be suitable. The range starts from ₹5,700 only. 

  • Rings 

The collection of gold rings is a diverse range of accessories to adorn your fingers, available for men, women and babies. Our craftsmen have focused on the designs, including umbrella rings, band rings, couple rings and stone-studded rings. We also have a set of pola rings, fit for Bengali women. Explore these items starting from just ₹2,472.  

  • Gold Coins 

If you are not a fan of jewellery, gold coins can be a great form of investment. These are also great for gifting on occasions like Diwali or Dhanteras. We have four kinds of coins, weighing 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams and 10 grams. These have a starting price of ₹6,150. 

That concludes our discussion on our collection of 22K gold jewellery items. We have the greatest diversity in designs and offer the best prices across all our products, along with free shipping anywhere in Kolkata! 

So, what’s the wait for? Start your 22k gold jewellery online shopping journey today with Rupashree Jewellers!


  • What kind of gold necklaces will be suitable for a bride?

Traditionally designed heavier necklaces like sita haar, lahari haar and chatai necklaces are perfect for a bridal collection. 

  • What is the starting price of umbrella rings?

Umbrella rings at Rupashree Jewellers are available at a starting price of ₹26,933, weighing about 4 grams.