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Alluring 14K Gold Jewellery: Adorn With Grace, Elegance and Beauty

The key to a woman’s heart is through beautiful jewellery. If you wish to gift your special someone with lovely jewellery and witness the blooming joy in her face, gift her with gold jewellery. However, purchasing the right piece of ornament is extremely important before you hit a store. While traditional jewellery always catches an eye, smart and delicate 14k gold jewellery is ideal for daily usage.

Keep reading to know the significance and types of 14K gold ornament and why you must choose Rupashree Jewellers.

Trendy and Lightweight: Types of 14k Gold Jewellery

Gold is one of the most beautiful and versatile gits that never goes out of style. Purchase gold jewellery for your special one and exhibit every bit of your unconditional love with the charming piece. 

Below are some lightweight collections that you can opt for at Rupashree Jewellers:

  • 14k Gold Rings
  • 14k Diamond Ear Tops
  • 14k Diamond Locket
  • 14k Diamond Finger Ring

Benefits of Using 14k Gold Jewellery

Before purchasing any gold ornament, try to understand the intention behind using it. There are several benefits of wearing a lightweight jewellery, such as:

  • 14k gold is more durable and resistant to tarnish and discolouration.
  • It is ideal for daily wear use and women can easily wear them at offices, parties and events.
  • 14k rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. are affordable and are ideal gifting options.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing 14k Gold Jewellery

Consider the below factors when you are purchasing 14k gold jewellery:

  • Gold prices vary from one city to another. Consider the gold rate in your city that depends on demand, import costs, and other factors.
  • Check the hallmark on the ornament before purchasing it.
  • Check the weight and calculate the cost of the jewellery as per gold cost on the day of purchase.
  • You can ask your jeweller for schemes to plan your purchase better.

Why Choose Us? 

Since 1919, Rupashree Jewellers has been Kolkata’s most contemporary and meticulous jewellers specialising in the latest collection of trendy ornaments. Here are the reasons to choose us: 

  • We guarantee hallmark and RJ seal on every product for authentication.
  • We ensure free shipping within Kolkata.
  • You can avail guaranteed lifetime exchange.

We hope this comprehensive overview of 14k gold jewellery will guide you in selecting the best products from our extensive collection.

Add elegance and sophistication to your life by wearing lovely pieces from our collection!


  • Is it reliable to buy gold jewellery online at Rupashree Jewellers?

Yes, 14k gold jewellery online shopping is completely reliable at Rupashree. However, you must have a good knowledge of her choices and preferences in terms of choosing gold ornaments. 

  • What is the price range of a 14k diamond locket at Rupashree Jewellers?

The price range of a 14k diamond locket at Rupashree Jewellers starts at ₹10,197/-.