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Showing 1–100 of 127 results

Swarnalite Collection: Crafting Brilliance, Crafting Beauty

Gold jewellery items are often stereotyped as being heavy and only fit for traditional occasions. Rupashree Jewellers is here to bust this myth. Our Swarnalite collection includes lightweight trendy accessories. More importantly, you will find items even with a tight budget. 

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Swarnalite Collection: Illuminating Beauty in Every Piece

This collection has a wide variety of products so that there is always a piece for everyone. Here are the types of accessories you can expect in this collection:

  1. Earrings 

This collection has an impressive range of gold earrings. These are small and simplistic accessories to decorate your earlobes, adding both sophistication and trend to your style. Find exquisite 22k gold earrings under ₹10,000 within this collection. Here are the types of earrings you can explore:

  • Hoops or rings 
  • Diamond and stone-studded earrings
  • Tops with floral design 
  • Geometric designs 
  • Tops with intricate work 
  • Heavier drops 
  1. Necklaces

We have an exquisite collection of lightweight gold necklaces for women, fit for every occasion. These are dazzling neckpieces with intricate work of gold and stones. These start from about 4gm with a starting price of ₹30,000. You can find the following types of necklaces in this range:

  • Tusi Necklace
  • Sita Haar
  • Chatai Necklace 
  • Choker Necklace 
  • Pola Necklace 
  1. Pendants 

Whether you are going to work or attending a party, pendants are always a go-to accessory for most lovely ladies. Our Swarnalite collection has a range of lightweight and simple pendants, fit for various occasions. These start from 1.3gm at ₹10,000. Our jewellers have crafted the designs of these pendants keeping the following themes in mind:

  • Small and simple
  • Geometric lockets
  • Lockets with intrinsic work of gold
  • Pendants with Hindu God lockets
  • Floral lockets 
  1. Rings 

In this section, you will find lightweight gold rings for both men and women and also for babies. We have an impressive collection of bright gold rings, some with dazzling gemstones on yellow gold shank. Baby rings start from only ₹6,000 for 0.76gm, while adult rings start from ₹9,000 for 1.2gm. Here are the types of rings you will find here:

  • Baby rings 
  • Engagement rings for men and women 
  • Umbrella rings 
  • Band rings 
  • Rings with stones 
  • Rings with floral and intricate designs 

Adorn a Feather-light Collection on Perfect Occasions

Even though our Swarnalite collection is for those who prefer lightweight gold jewellery, you will find accessories for almost every occasion. Some of these are:

  • Daily and casual wear
  • Office wear
  • Weddings, engagements and festivals 
  • Party wear
  • For gift 

Rupashree Jewellers is here with a stunning Swarnalite collection, perfect for those who are looking for lightweight gold jewellery under a tight budget. This collection has an impressive range of necklaces, pendants, earrings and finger rings. Find your favourite product today!


  • What is the lowest price for gold earrings in the Swarnalite collection?

Gold earrings in the Swarnalite collection have a starting price of just ₹4,000. However, the prices will keep increasing based on the weight of gold and designs. 

  • Can I find bridal necklaces in the Swarnalite collection?

Yes, some stunning necklaces will be perfect for a bride, especially if she wants to keep it light. There are chatai necklaces, sita haar and chokers, all fit for a bridal look.