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Showing all 73 results

Golden Matrimony: An Alluring Wedding Gold Collection

The wedding day is hands down one of the most special days in one’s life, and what can be better than making it the most memorable one with the perfect adornments? Rupashree Jewellers has the perfect wedding gold collection, something that will add to the magic of your special day. 

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Explore a Dazzling Collection of Wedding Gold Jewellery

We at Rupashree Jewellers understand how important a wedding day can be for someone! Therefore, we have taken extra care to craft and design our wedding collection. Whether it is your wedding or someone really close to you, adding these adornments to your outfit will always help you stand out!

Check out our collection of wedding jewellery sets and stock your favourites today!

  • Necklace

A necklace is a great piece of accessory to express your style statement, especially on a wedding day! We have a great selection of bright gold necklaces, from the heaviest and most gorgeous pieces to some of the feather-light ones. Chatai, choker and sitahar necklaces are suitable for brides, starting from about 6 grams. You can also go for a tusi necklace, which is much lighter. Explore this collection at a starting price of just ₹7,000.

  • Chains

Thinner gold chains are often a great fit to add to your wedding jewellery set for a bridal collection. You can always pair it with heavier necklaces, or simply sport them to execute a simpler and trendier look on your wedding. Our collection includes a range of both hand-made and machine-made chains, such as Rajkot Chain, Dori Chain, Mof Chain, Ball Chain, etc. The Dori chain is the lightest, weighing about 3 grams. The range starts from about ₹20,500.

  • Earrings 

Earrings are integral to both modern and traditional bridal looks, and you can find a diverse collection at Rupashree Jewellers. The jhumka earrings selection is the most popular one for a bridal collection, starting from just ₹40,000. Besides, our Chand Bali and Kan Bala selection is also popular. You can also find gold earrings with diamonds and other colourful gemstones, starting from ₹36,089.  

  • Handwear 

This collection includes a diverse range of adornments for your hands, from bracelets to bangles of all sorts. We have an authentic Bengali bridal jewellery collection, containing chur, mantasa, churi, bala, shankha, pola and noa bangles. Chur and bala are usual favourites for a bridal collection, while churi and mantasa are fit for a lightweight collection. Explore these items starting from about ₹54,000.

Why Choose Us?

While there are so many brands offering the finest quality gold items, Rupashree Jewellers stands out for its ability to connect with authentic Bengali sentiments. Our craftsmen are always looking out for various new trends and designs to gift our customers. Here is why we stand out:

  • We offer free shipping of any gold item across Kolkata.
  • Our products are made of the finest quality hallmarked gold. 
  • You can always exchange your old accessories and upgrade your collection at a moderate price.
  • With our Swarna Ropon scheme, you can now save big on gold purchases.

Thus, as you can see, the wedding gold collection at Rupashree Jewellers is truly a magical one, each piece custom-made to make your day a special one. Explore our products and find alluring gold adornments at the best prices to stand out in a wedding!


  • What is the best type of necklace for a bride?

We at Rupashree Jewellers recommend chokers, chatai, lahari and sitahar necklaces for brides. These are heavy items that fit to stand out in bridal attire. 

  • What is the starting price of gold bala?

Gold bala bangles have a starting price of ₹67,264, weighing about 10 grams, which can rise up to ₹269,000.