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Showing all 5 results

Gold Ear Tops For Women: Elevate Your Everyday Look

Gold ear tops for women are a versatile choice that compliments any outfit. This brilliance of beauty echoes tradition while making your moments sparkle like never before. Featuring mostly floral or geometric shapes, ear tops are the finest of fine jewellery. 

As one of the oldest and most trusted brands, Rupashree Jewellers has perfected the art of creating intricate masterpieces of gold ear tops. Our collection of ear tops is extensive and offers a wide range of options to choose from. 

Unique Gold Ear Tops for a Shine That Never Fades 

Established with the promise of purity, we offer a vast range of gold ear tops in 22k. We take immense pride in crafting treasures that are beyond time. Our passion for this work is prominent in the quality of our products. 

Know more about our variety of gold ear tops for women in detail:

  • Pasha 

Gold pasha ear tops, inspired by infinity, are available in a variety of shapes including flowers, wheels, and more. These exquisite ear tops have a gorgeous glow that is the gleam of purity. The stunning centre is enhanced by a meticulous milgrain, making it a perfect accessory to flaunt at both casual and formal events. Even with the detailed design, our lightweight gold ear tops can be worn seamlessly throughout the day. 

At Rupashree Jewellers, every gold ear top for women embraces an untold story of excellent artistry. To precisely cater to the needs of our customers, we carry both heavy and simple gold ear tops design. The range of our gold pasha ear tops starts at a price of ₹27,000 for 4 gms.

  • Bali   

Winning hearts since the Mughal era, this crescent-shaped earring is a true treasure. A gold ear top with a twinkling drop underneath never fails to define your youthfulness. With every head turn, this simple gold ear tops design adds a subtle flair of drama to your appearance.  

From daily wear gold ear tops designs to ear tops with opaque opulence, Rupashree Jewellers’ selection of Bali ear tops is truly one-of-a-kind! Visit our store to grab bali ear tops of 0.8 gms at just ₹5,700.

How to Choose Appropriate Gold Ear Tops for Different Types of Social Events 

With so many choices within reach, picking a perfect pair for your daily life is a bit difficult. Thus, to help you out, here are some protips to select ‘the one’: 

    • Weddings and Ceremonies: Weddings or ceremonies call for grandeur. Thus, to glam up a notch, choose large gold pasha ear tops. These are decorated with an intense filigree to give you an unfading uniqueness. 
  • Casual Events: Casual events, like formal meetings or social get-togethers, require a minimal yet elegant touch. Our small gold ear tops design is perfect to turn on the charm here.
  • Party and Hangouts: Outdoor activities, like parties and hangouts, are ideal spots to flaunt your lightweight gold ear tops. With elegance embodied, these ear tops give you the sparkle that you deserve! 

Why Choose Us? 

Following are some of the reasons why choosing us for your jewellery needs would be the best for you: 

    • Comprehensive collection to meet your needs.
  • All ear tops are made of 22k gold that ensures purity.  
  • Each of our pieces comes with the certification of hallmark and RJ seal to provide you the best possible quality.  
  • We offer free shipping across Kolkata allowing you to get the finest jewellery at your doorstep without spending any additional cost. 
  • Each of our ear tops undergoes a strict inspection to avoid nuances. 

When it comes to ear tops, the simpler they are, the more diverse they can be! Rupashree Jewellers’s ever-growing collection lets you find gorgeous gold ear tops for women at super ease. From contemporary to conventional, you name it, we have it! Adorn yourself with our fascinating ear tops to dazzle like a diva!


  • Which design type of gold ear tops for women will be perfect for an oval to narrow face shape?  

A round and small gold ear tops design perfectly compliments an oval to narrow face shape.  

  • Can I find colourful gold ear tops for women at Rupashree Jewellers? 

Absolutely! Rupashree Jewellers has different types of gold ear tops with colourful gemstone embellishments. These start from a price of ₹23,430.