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Modern Gold Jewellery Collection: Where Tradition Meets Trend 

There is a notion that jewellery is supposed to be for traditional events. Rupashree Jewellers is here to change that! Our craftsmen have taken time to think and design cutting-edge and innovative pieces to overstep the boundaries of traditional adornment. This collection blends artistic expression with contemporary design.

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Golden Treasure Hunt: Explore Our Modern Collection

The modern jewellery collection at Rupashree Jewellers is evolving almost every day, as we take into account the things those jewellery lovers these days are choosing. The purpose is to make sure that our customers find the right pieces of adornment to fit their outfits for a modern party or event!

Currently, our collection has the following products: 

  • Heavy Gold Choker Necklace 

While it might give away a traditional vibe, this heavy necklace is the perfect adornment for a modern event. It is a bright golden necklace that covers almost your entire neck, with intricate work of gold throughout the body and colourful gemstones to dazzle its appearance. It weighs about 33.4gm and is available for just ₹224,677. Adding it to your attire will multiply your charm and personality.  

  • Gold Choker Necklace with MeenaKari Work 

If you are a fan of lightweight jewellery, this product will surely impress you! It is another choker necklace, but much thinner than the previous one. Though made of yellow gold, it is less bright and has more of a matte appearance. Stunning red and ivory meena kari work decorates the necklace, giving it a unique appearance and allure. At just ₹202,556, you can add this adornment to your outfit, and it weighs about 30gm. 

Why Choose Us?

Rupashree Jewellers has been dedicated to serving jewellery lovers with contemporary gold jewellery designs at the best prices. We take pride in our original designs and craftsmanship while prioritising the current trends and choices of customers. Know our facilities to choose us as your one-stop jewellery destination:

  • We ensure safe delivery of all gold jewellery items across Kolkata without any shipping charge. 
  • The quality of gold used in our products is always the finest with a hallmark. 
  • You can always exchange your old designs and upgrade your collection at an unbelievable price from us.
  • With our Swarna Ropon scheme, you can now save for 12 months and get interesting discounts on gold items. 

That was all about our collection of modern gold jewellery for women. At Rupashree Jewellers, we are always focused on quality and craftsmanship and therefore offer the best prices. This collection has some impressive contemporary designs, fit for attending modern events or parties. 

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  • What is the minimum weight for modern gold jewellery?

At Rupashree Jewellers, the modern gold jewellery collection starts from about 30gm. 

  • Can I find gold accessories for daily wear in the modern gold jewellery collection?

As of now, the modern gold jewellery collection only consists of accessories for parties or events. These are not for daily wear.