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Showing 1–100 of 301 results

Gold Handwear Jewellery: Golden Luxury For Your Hands

Be it a bangle or a bracelet, gold handwear will always add to your outfit, helping you outshine others. At Rupashree Jewellers, we have crafted our handwear pieces to perfection, blending elements of elegance and sophistication. The huge collection has at least one piece for everyone and every occasion. 

Elevate your style with an exquisite collection of gold handwear jewellery. Stay tuned for more!

Explore Golden Adornments with a Gleaming Handwear Jewellery Collection

The use of handwear is quite common across India, in different states and cultures. We at Rupashree Jewellers have kept all the Indian tastes in mind and designed a huge collection of gold handwear items, so there is always a piece for every occasion! Buy hand jewellery for women at the best prices from us.

  • Churi 

It is a term for bangles used in different parts of India. Our collection of gold bangles or churi includes a diverse variety of designs. Our selection of jhiri churi is the most lightweight one, and you need to wear multiple of these to cover your wrists. Bauti or motor churi, on the other hand, includes heavier bangles for traditional events. Explore this collection starting from just ₹54,000.

  • Bala 

Bala is a common Bengali term used for bangles. Women usually wear a single piece of these on each of their wrists. These are usually heavy and thick, fit for any traditional Bengali festival, like the Durga Puja, or weddings. Our 22k gold Bala range starts from 10 grams for Nocksha or Rule Bala and rises to 40 grams for Pushpo Bala. The range starts from ₹67,264. Explore and find your favourites!

  • Pola & Noa

Following a Bengali wedding, brides are expected to show their respect towards the sacred bond by wearing some traditional bangles. Pola is a dark red bangle with a hint of gold designs, while noa is made of iron, and covered with gold. At Rupashree, you can get these bangles to celebrate your marriage. The range of Pola bangles starts from just ₹6,900, while Noa bangles are available at a starting price of ₹10,800 only. 

  • Chur

Looking for a fancy gold bracelet to stand out at parties or festivals? Our chur collection will surely impress you. These are stunning bracelets with intricate work of gold and colourful gemstones, fit for both traditional and modern events. These bangles can be heavy, starting from about 17 grams. Explore lightweight gold chur designs at a starting price of ₹114,315. 

  • Mantasa 

These are ethnic bracelets in the Bengali culture, with intricate work of yellow gold and colourful gemstones. This range consists of unique and alluring gold bracelets that decorate your wrists, and stand out in any outfit. Explore these items at a starting price of ₹75,452. 

Choose the Occasion & Rock Your Adornments

Worried about finding the right adornment for your hands on different occasions? Rupashree Jewellers has just the solution. With our diverse collection of handwear items, you can stand out in any occasion and outfit, such as the following:

  • Daily and casual wear
  • Festivals and weddings 
  • Parties 
  • Formal and informal events 
  • For gifts 

Thus, our collection of gold handwear jewellery is perfectly diverse in terms of designs and prices, fit for every occasion! Explore the collection today and store your favourites for the upcoming Durga Puja festival and wedding season!


  • What is the best handwear accessory for a bride?

The collection of chur and bala at Rupashree Jewellers will be effective for a bride. These are heavy, with a traditional design. 

  • What is the most lightweight type of gold handwear?

If you are looking for trendy and lightweight accessories, go for our churi collection, which starts from about 8 grams a piece.